Online Multiplayer News


E3 Wrap-Up

If you missed anything during E3, catch up here.

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Master Class VOD

If you missed it, watch our Master Class video from yesterday!

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Check out our TotBD digital fan kit to create your own Twitch overlays, art, cover photos, etc.

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Trials Of The Blood Dragon & E3

Trials of the Blood Dragon is here! Discover what we have in store for E3 this week!

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2X Acorns

New Tournaments and Double Acorn Week

We have a new tournament refresh and 2x Acorns all week!

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ComRec News

Community Recommended Weekly: Shogun's Recommended

Shogun has taken over the Community Recommended feed in celebration of the Trials Fusion 2 Year Anniversary!

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Community Round-Up: Trials Fusion 2nd Anniversary Edition

Two full years of Fusion in the Community Round-Up!

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Community Spotlight: TeriXeri

Community Spotlight: TeriXeri, top PC track builder and Ubisoft star Player.

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French Invasion

Community Recommended Weekly: The French Invasion!

The French Trials Community dropped a whopping 22 tracks and 1 skill game to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Trials Fusion.

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Community Round-Up: March 23rd, 2016

Another dose of community content, coming right up!

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University of Trials Hits a Million!

The University of Trials celebrates a major milestone, 1,000,000 video views!

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ComSpot FaceRig MM NEW

Community Spotlight: Impact-XD

Community Spotlight: Impact-XD, the man behind the squirrel mask.

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ComSpot Sandy 2

Community Spotlight: Sandholm

Community Spotlight: Sandholm, long time Trials fan and community leader.

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Assassins Appear in Trials Fusion

Assassin's Creed skins now available in the Trials Fusion garage.

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Multiplayer New Track Weekend

We’re kicking off another New Tracks weekend for Trials Fusion Multiplayer.

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Multiplayer Season One Announcement

Want some more details on Multiplayer Seasons? You’re in luck!

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Update 11 Patch Notes

The days of teasing the loyal riders of the Trials world are over!

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Uplay Recommended #70

Happy Uplay Day, riders! We’ve got a whopper of a drop for you this week featuring 10 awesome tracks!

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Multiplayer Updates Coming Soon

We here at Trials know you all have been waiting for more news on the upcoming update and today… WE GOT WHAT YOU NEED!!!

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Update 11 Coming Soon

Check out this overview of some of the big changes Trials fans have to look forward to in our next update.

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Uplay Recommended Drop #62

The week is almost done and that can only mean one thing, it’s time for another Uplay Recommended track drop.

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New Watch Dogs Skins

Hackers from the early 21st century have found their way to the future that is Trials Fusion and you can join their ranks today in the garage.

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Public Multiplayer DLC Track Week

To give you a chance to get a healthy dose of DLC tracks in public multiplayer we will be removing all the old tracks for 1 week.

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Uplay Recommended E3 Special Drop

It's E3 week and we've got a big, crazy Uplay Recommended drop to celebrate the announcement of our next Awesome DLC pack.

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June Featured Builder: VegasTrash01

It’s June already? Well, you know what that means, right? We scoured the vast landscapes of Track Central in search of this month's featured builder.

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Samsung Dreamhack Open Recap

The Trials Fusion Samsung Dreamhack Open concluded last weekend at Dreamhack Tours. Get the lowdown on the event and the tournament finals.

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Update 8 has Arrived

A new update is available for Trials Fusion on Xbox One & PS4. See what's new.

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Trials Fusion partenaire de Samsung pour la Dreamhack

RedLynx, un studio Ubisoft, s'associe à Samsung pour la DreamHack qui se tiendra pour la toute première fois en France, à Tours !

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Trials Fusion 1 Year Anniversary

Join us as we take a look back at the first year of Trials Fusion and celebrate the history of the Trials franchise.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #41

What's new this week in the Uplay Recommended feed?

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Final Season 1 DLC: After the Incident

The findings from the crater have brought about an age of technological abundance, but when good things come to an end, they have a habit of doing so rather badly.

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Community Spotlight: PneumaticBog484

This week we shine the Community Spotlight on legendary skill game creator PneumaticBog484.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #39

Trials riders, start your engines we've got 7 new custom creations going cross platform in this week's Uplay Recommended drop plus a little something extra for you hardcore riders.

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Title Update 7 is Live

The latest update (this is the 7th!) for Trials Fusion is live RIGHT NOW across most platforms.

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Uplay Recommended: Homework Challenge 4 Special Drop

We’ve almost doubled the amount of tracks in this week’s Uplay Recommended track drop. That’s 13 tracks!

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Dev Update: Public Single Lane Multiplayer

We recently dropped a ton of Single Player tracks into Private Online games, and while that’s been fun for a lot of players, others have strongly urged us to put these same tracks into the Public Matchmaking system.

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Editor Homework Challenge 5

Track builders, class has ended but your work isn't done. It's time for another of Shogun's Editor Stream Homework Challenges.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #37

Another round of Uplay Recommended tracks direct from the community to your fingertips.

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ANBA Challenges Trials Champion Tommi Ahvala to a Race

Redlynx Creative Director ANBA is on a quest to test the challenges of the Trials video game series in the real world.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #36

March is here! Uplay Recommended continues. See what's new cross platform this week.

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Community Spotlight: TheBlazeJp

TheBlazeJp has been in Trials World Championship 2013 Finals, and in not one, but two speedrunning events hosted by Games Done Quick. We wanted to know how he got to this point.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #35

This week's Uplay Recommended Track Drop brings 7 new custom creations cross platform.

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New DLC: Fault One Zero

Welcome to the age of the hyper-advanced Megalopolis – where man and machine are only distinguishable by their medical records.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #34

Each week our team of track players select a group of tracks to step up from local availability to that of world-wide track dominance.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #33

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! Each week we bring a few of our favorite community creations from every platform and make them available in the Uplay Recommended feed for every platform that Trials Fusion is available on.

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Dev Update: Upcoming Fixes & Features

Our next update for Trials Fusion is entering the final testing and validation stages before release.

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X-Supercross Editor Stream Homework Challenge

During the Online Multiplayer Beta some PC players had an opportunity to try their hand at building tracks for this new game mode, now it's everybody's turn.

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Replay Challenge Round 2 Paintover Revealed

While the replay Challenge Round 2 got slightly overshadowed by the release of online multiplayer and the Fire in the Deep DLC we still got some great screenshots.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #32

Who likes custom tracks? We do! Here are 5 more awesome tracks being made available for every Trials Fusion platform.

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Uplay Recommended X-Supercross Drop #1

We’ve done 31 of these for classic style Trials tracks, so we thought “Hey, why not put our favorite X-Supercross tracks into their own drop?” So we did.

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Community Spotlight: XxGATORMANIAxX

Trials Community Member and Track Jam 2 finalist XxGATOIRMANIAxX has decided to spread the love in the form of a new editor contest revolving around Skill Game creation.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #31

It’s been a fun few weeks! Last week we released Multiplayer and this week we released Fire in the Deep, the 4th DLC for Trials Fusion.

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Trials Fusion Online Multiplayer Update Out Now

The next big update for Trials Fusion is near, and with it comes the addition of the single highest requested feature since Trials Fusion’s launch; Online Multiplayer.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #29

That's right Trials Riders, after a short break for the holidays the Uplay Recommended Track Drops have returned.

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Beta Buildoff Winners Announced

The Beta Buildoff Challenge has ended! We received some high quality tracks and had a blast running through them and arguing over the winners.

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Multiplayer Open Beta Weekend - Dec 19-22

Trials riders, do you have the nerve to step forward and pit your skills against the world in heads up races against 7 other riders? We’re happy to announce the Trials Fusion PC Multiplayer Beta Open Weekend.

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Trials Frontier PvP Update Out Now!

Zudina has been teasing what is hidden behind the bunker doors for a few weeks now, and hundreds of users have asked us to let them in on the secret. Let’s rip the doors off of the hinges and get some information on just what is in the bunker.

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Beta Buildoff Challenge

Do you have the skill? The Drive? The Determination to be the BEST Trials Fusion X-Supercross Track Builder in all of the land?

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Trials Fusion PC MP Beta – It’s ON.

The time has come to blow the doors off of the Trials Fusion PC MP Beta. You’ll be taking on strangers, friends, and maybe even your foes as you help us beat the heck out of our servers and work the bugs out.

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ANBA Powerslams the Ubiblog with a Multiplayer Update

Redlyn Creative Director Antti Ilvessuo has stopped by the Ubiblog to talk about Trials Fusion's upcoming online multiplayer mode.

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