Massive Custom Track Drop Out Now!

The kick-off for Trials Fusion’s season of DLC content is nearly upon us with the first of six DLCs releasing in less than a week. Riders of the Rustlands’ new tracks, challenges, secrets and editor objects are all nearly here and we’re super excited for you to get your hands on this new content but even before all that Trials Fusion still has a lot to offer. To get you hyped for the Riders of the Rustlands and show off the amazing content available on Track Central we are releasing an extra-large selection of some of the best custom tracks the Trials community has to offer. This week we are tripling the number of tracks hitting the Uplay feed! That’s 15 incredible custom creations from players just like you and they are all available now on every platform in the Uplay Recommended feed on Track Central.

Extraction by Mattyb2001uk
First up is a hard difficulty track that melds Trials Fusion’s Futuristic theme into a really well laid out hill-climb style track. You’ll want to score a sub-40 time to really take on the leader boards. Good luck.
Video Link

Extinction by ll ManOnFire ll
Is it an archaeological dig that has suffered from fires, or have you been transported back in time to just a few months after a global catastrophe has wiped out the dinosaurs? I’m not sure, but I am sure that this medium track has an amazing theme and a sweet line.
Video Link

Nocturnal by lx PURE EVIL xl
If the name didn’t tip you off, this track takes place at night. The second uphill track this week is more difficult, and has a highly detailed theme. Make sure to try turning off the game music and listen to just how loud the night can be.
Video Link

Snow Day Bunker by PuRpLE oOzi
I am a fan of hard tracks, and this one does not disappoint. I am also a fan of descriptive track names, so consider this track awesome on 2 counts. Add in the fact that it has a nice speed run line, and you’ve got a three time winner that needs to be played.
Video Link

The Hangout by Syn65
It’s not just Trials in Syn65’s Hangout. This team of builders has been working together since the Evo days, and their work keeps getting better. The Hangout is listed as hard, and it definitely can be, but this track has flow. Find it, and you can set some impressive times. Don’t be afraid to stop and look around, this track also features a number of hidden secrets and even mini-games!
Video Link

Ravaged World by xXRajadoXx
The city is in the background, the moon is huge, and Ravaged World is a hard track. This technical track makes good use of physics and animation to help sell the amazing terrain shaping work that xXRajadoXx has put into it. Make sure to check it out.
Video Link

Twist & Slide by kalianhagle
kalianhagle knows great object usage, and this is apparent in the decoration work done in this Easy rated track. Don’t underestimate this track based on its difficulty; hitting the right flow might not be as easy as you think. Also, check out those greenhouses and the overgrown industrial area. NICE.
Video Link

idylle by IZEZ PRiNCESS
More Hard tracks than you can shake a stick at! IZEZ has been delivering some amazing creations, and idylle is no exception. Natural use of terrain and landscape tools, as well as a killer line makes this a track that you don’t want to miss.
Video Link

Ice Geek by Gunther_Geek
What’s with all of the COLD tracks? Anyhow, this track feels like you are on a glacier. A glacier with a wind farm. A glacier with a wind farm and a ton of yellow platforms. A glacier with wind farms, yellow platforms, and a nice driving line. Play it.
Video Link

Heavy Steel by lvl DrEvil lvl
If you haven’t heard of DrEvil before, well, this is good time to see what you’ve been missing. Heavy Steel takes place in a forge. I don’t know why you are riding in such a dangerous place, but you are, and it’s fun. If you like hard tracks, then there’s nothing to not like.
Video Link

Glacial Oasis by rjn15
If you are wondering if this track has a glacier, then… Well, I won’t spoil it for you. What I will say is that obvious work went into the theme and decoration, and this track has a nice flow-tastic line, as all of the best medium tracks should.
Video Link

[E] Kronos by Chaaampy
The only Extreme on the list this week takes you 20,000 leagues under the sea… Maybe. What feels like a mixture of post-sinking Atlantis and a certain franchise that features bikes with lights culminates into a strangely cohesive experience that might just test the limits of all but the very best of Trials riders.
Video Link

~friction~ by RaketeAal397
More Hard tracks incoming! This track reminds me of a certain knight who stays in the dark. You’ll travel from one side of the city to the other, dealing with parks, subways, and poorly constructed scaffolding as you make your way to the finish line. You won’t be disappointed.
Video Link

Isis Azura [K8] by KALzzone8
Shogun vouched for this track, and it’s rated Hard. Wooden bridges, rain, and a killer line make me agree with him. I’m not sure what else to say, other than “make sure you play this track”. It deserves to be played.
Video Link

Upperwood by MiniXiBuild
It must be the weather, but there seems to be a wealth of winter themed tracks coming out. This one stands out for having a super fun speed run line that is perfect for all skill levels, and most enjoyable by those who don’t consider themselves pro.
Video Link

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