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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #19

This week on the Uplay Recommended feed we have a nice selection of community creations plus a bonus track from your friendly neighborhood Community Developer Shogun.

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Uplay Recommended Track Jam 2 Recap

You’ve asked, and we’re responding with a torrential downpour of Track Jam 2 content! This week 13 tracks are making the leap to Uplay Recommended and that’s a BIT more than usual.

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Uplay Recommended Track Drop #17

It's time for the newest Uplay Recommended tracks. This is where we pull 5 tracks from the amazingly talented pool of community creators and make them available to players on any platform that Trials Fusion is available on.

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Featured Builder Project Mark III

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first installment of the Featured Builder Project Mk III. Alright, so it’s just called “Featured Builders of the Month” but doesn’t “Featured Builder Project Mk III” just sound a little more awesome?

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Trials Fusion is the newest game in an award-winning, best-selling series of physics-based platform racing games in which the player guides his or her bike and rider through an unlimited array of challenges. Featuring realistic physics, leaderboards, multiplayer, an in-game editor, and more, the Trials games will test your competitive spirit and creativity to the limit. Ride on with Trials Fusion, coming April 16, 2014 for PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.


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