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Dev Update: Update 10 Coming Soon

The Awesome Level MAX DLC is right around the corner but that's not all we've also got a new feature update for all players.

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Uplay Recommended Drop #51

5 awesome Community Created tracks are busting out into the world of Track Central.

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Community Spotlight: Morfyboy

If you’ve been close to the Trials community over the last few years, then you probably already know the person in our next Community Spotlight.

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Uplay Recommended E3 Special Drop

It's E3 week and we've got a big, crazy Uplay Recommended drop to celebrate the announcement of our next Awesome DLC pack.

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Trials Fusion is the newest game in an award-winning, best-selling series of physics-based platform racing games in which the player guides his or her bike and rider through an unlimited array of challenges. Featuring realistic physics, leaderboards, multiplayer, an in-game editor, and more, the Trials games will test your competitive spirit and creativity to the limit. Ride on with Trials Fusion, coming April 16, 2014 for PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.


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